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Are The Roaches In Nashville Hard To Get Rid Of?

October 20, 2022 - Cockroaches

You don't have to convince many homeowners to despise cockroaches. If you were to take a poll, most respondents would reveal their deep revulsion for these pests. Besides their disgusting appearance, roaches thrive in muck and mire, which they bring right into your residence. They leave germs and bacteria on any surface or item they crawl onto, which increases your risk of contracting various illnesses. 

At Five-O-Pest Control, we offer the most reliable pest control in Nashville to obliterate all types of cockroaches in your home. Our highly-trained team goes the extra mile to guard your health and safety while still being tough on pests. Read on to learn more about cockroaches, their numerous hiding places, and how you can get rid of them once-and-for-all.

Treating A Roach Infestation

It’s understandable to leap into action quickly at first sight of one cockroach crawling up your bedroom door or swinging from your vertical blinds in the den. Although professional pest elimination services dispense the most effective cockroach treatments that aren’t available to the public, there are still measures you can implement in the meantime that work. One of the best products you can use is boric acid. This substance has low toxicity for your family and pets and is completely odorless. Combine it with sugar to draw roaches out of their hiding places. Once ingested, they will perish within the hour. 

Although using boric acid can provide some initial relief, large-scale infestations require a stronger solution in the form of your local pest control service. Contact them right away once you notice signs of insect activity. 

How Hard Is It To Get Rid Of Roaches

Roaches have mastered the art of concealment. Once they’ve entered your home, they scatter to find ideal hiding places that homeowners can’t access. Any small hole or opening is more than enough space for roaches to crawl inside. Additionally, cockroaches have a lightning-fast reproductive rate and breed quickly so that a small issue can turn into a significant cockroach infestation in the blink of an eye. It only takes two roaches to produce about 400,000 offspring over 12 months. Imagine how challenging it is to eliminate that amount of insects hidden somewhere in your home. Also, cockroaches possess a shield of protection provided by their tough exoskeletons, which allows them to survive getting stomped on, smashed, or crushed. 

Therefore, contact professional cockroach pest control in Nashville at the first sign of these insects on your property. 

Where Are Roaches Hiding Inside Your Home

Playing hide-and-seek with children is fun, but not with roaches. Once these insects invade your home, the real problems begin. If cockroaches go undetected for too long, they can cause a big ordeal. If you suspect your residence is housing more than just human occupants, take a look at this list of favorite places roaches love to hide: 

  • Within nooks and crannies 
  • Inside cracks and crevices
  • Behind appliances
  • Among stacks or piles of clutter and debris

Check your baseboards and trim for tiny spaces that cockroaches could easily slip inside. But more importantly, get in touch with a qualified pest management service to schedule a comprehensive inspection. 

Professional Cockroach Control For Nashville Homes

Partnering with a professional pest management company is the best way to keep cockroaches away for a long time. Experienced technicians have acquired the broad knowledge and advanced skills to battle a plethora of pest problems – and win.

At Five-O-Pest Control, we take an integrated approach to creating and maintaining pest-free environments for our residents. We understand the emotional, and mental toll suffering with an infestation can take. That’s why we guarantee our services, ensuring your dilemma isn’t just controlled but resolved. Reach out to us today to request your complimentary inspection.

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