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How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Nashville Home This Winter

December 20, 2022 - Spiders

As winter sets in, pest problems don’t necessarily go into hibernation. While we tend to think of summer as the most active time for pests, it’s during the winter that they flee the cold and find ways inside your home. To avoid an infestation, turn to Five-O Pest Control, the Nashville pest control experts who can handle whatever critters try to invade.

How To Identify Dangerous Spiders

While most house spiders are relatively harmless, there are some spiders in North America that can have more venomous bites. Luckily, it’s rare for any local spider bites to lead to death, but they can result in pretty serious health impacts. That’s why it’s important for you to be able to identify types of spiders in Tennessee that might be more dangerous.

Generally speaking, you want to look for distinctive markings on a spider. Black widows have a telltale red hourglass shape on their bellies, and brown recluses have a guitar or fiddle-shaped pattern on their rears.

Unfortunately, most people don’t really spot the spider but instead notice the bite marks on their skin. If this happens to you, you need to be on the lookout for worsening symptoms that indicate a more venomous bite, like dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. But rather than trying to spot them on your own, you should contact the professionals at Five-O Pest Control to help you spot all kinds of spiders with our thorough inspections.

Types Of Spiders Often Found In Nashville

While it’s the dangerous spiders that you’re probably most concerned by, it’s also important to familiarize yourself with other kinds of common spiders in Nashville. Here are some of the species you might find around your property:

  • Cellar spiders: These spiders are typically long-legged and can appear threatening but are generally harmless to humans. As their name implies, they are most often found in cellars, feeding on the bugs that get inside.
  • Orb-weaver spiders: Another species that gets its name from the shape of its home, orb-weaver spiders create distinctive circular webs to ensnare their prey.
  • Wolf spiders: While not as venomous as brown recluses or other dangerous spiders, wolf spiders are big, fast, and expert hunters. That makes them pretty scary, even if they tend to leave humans alone and only operate at night.

At Five-O Pest Control, we can help protect your home from all of the spider species found in Tennessee, so contact us today.

All The Places Spiders Like To Hide During Winter In Your Home

The thing that makes pests so hard to eliminate is that most people don’t know how to root them out and apply proper pest control methods. As such, it’s important to know where you’re most likely to see spiders around your Nashville home:

  • Outdoors: While spiders will certainly pursue their prey indoors during the winter, it’s important to note that spiders can survive in freezing temperatures thanks to the natural antifreeze chemicals in their blood. Because of this, they tend to make their lairs outdoors, in gardens and overgrowth.
  • Crawl Spaces: When they do get inside, spiders tend to stick to the dark and damp corners of a home. They are most often found in basements, attics, and crawl spaces.
  • Wood Piles: You may also store firewood inside your home or along exterior walls, both of which make for attractive nesting grounds for house spiders.

Let the experts inspect these areas of your property rather than putting yourself in harm’s way. That’s what we’re here for at Five-O Pest Control.

Five No-Sweat Winter Spider Prevention Tips For Around The House

To keep spiders out of your Nashville home this winter, consider these proven prevention steps:

  • Cracks: Spiders get into homes through gaps below doors and cracks in walls. Install door sweeps and regularly maintain your home's exterior.
  • Food: While spiders hunt all their food, their prey will absolutely be attracted by crumbs and spills. Clean up thoroughly after meals.
  • Water: Pests are found in areas with moisture, so proper pipe maintenance and ventilation are a must.
  • Inspections: Catching pest problems before they grow out of control is the best way to avoid serious problems. Schedule routine inspections with experts.
  • Treatments: Professionals can also treat your home against invasive insects and spiders.

We offer all the spider control you need to keep your Nashville home safe this winter, so contact Five-O Pest Control today.

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