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East Nashville, TN Pest Control

Quality Pest Control In East Nashville, TN

Right next to the urban area of Nashville, East Nashville has lots to offer residents. There are plenty of small businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, and exciting activities from which to choose. Many families or young professionals settle in the area to take advantage of everything the community offers. Unfortunately, pests love the area too, and they may invade homes and businesses, inspiring a need for East Nashville pest control.

Five-O Pest Control has the experience and professional expertise to combat pest problems in East Nashville homes and businesses. Our dedicated team stops at nothing to identify your pest problems and provide tailored solutions that fully eradicate your issues. With our help, you’ll be reclaiming your home or business from pests in no time at all.

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Residential Pest Control In East Nashville

When pests invade your East Nashville home, you are likely confused and frightened by their appearance, not to mention unsure how to remove them. Five-O Pest Control can help you with this process, and we will stop at nothing to ensure that your home is safe from pests, no matter what.

Our residential pest control solutions include an initial treatment that confirms the source of your current pest problems and identifies any additional issues. After we have completed this, we conduct interior and exterior targeted treatments to protect your home thoroughly. We provide yearly follow-up services to ensure you have peace of mind.

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Commercial Pest Control In East Nashville

The health and safety of your East Nashville business are incredibly important, and an infestation of pests can quickly derail the success you’ve worked to build. If you’re struggling to keep pests out of your property, your first stop should be Five-O Pest Control. We specialize in treating all kinds of East Nashville commercial properties, and we will stop at nothing to completely protect your property from pest problems.

We create our commercial pest control plans in East Nashville with your business in mind and the ultimate goal of being pest-free. We make sure to customize our pest control solutions to your property’s needs and take all the necessary steps to ensure your property's interior and exterior are pest protected. Plus, we provide follow-up services as needed and offer some of the most affordable prices.

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Don't Fight Ant Hills In East Nashville Alone

When ants invade your East Nashville property, they can cause destruction and health problems for those in your home or business. You may think DIY ant control in East Nashville is enough to defeat this pest, but these tactics are often much less than adequate. Instead of fighting ant hills on your East Nashville property alone, invest in the effective ant control provided by Five-O Pest Control.

Our team at Five-O Pest Control has experience with defeating all kinds of ants, and we’ll stop at nothing to eliminate your ant problem. You can support our ant removal solutions by controlling the factors that might attract ants to your property in the first place, such as:

  • Remove outdoor ant harborage areas by cutting down long grasses, trimming overgrown foliage, and clearing debris such as fallen fruit and leaves.
  • Ensure trash cans have tight-fitting lids so ants can’t scavenge in outdoor waste disposal areas.
  • Seal cracks around your property’s foundation, windows, and doors to make sure that ants stay on the outside.
  • Invest in window and door screens and weather stripping to protect your property.

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Is There Anything I Can Do To Avoid Bed Bugs In East Nashville?

Bed bugs seem like they’re everywhere due to their small size, skill at hiding in clothing or bags, and the way an infestation appears out of nowhere. However, there are some steps you can take and information to be aware of if you want to avoid picking up bed bugs in East Nashville.

First, you should always check areas you travel through for bed bugs. Hotels, airports, schools, libraries, and public transportation are bed bug hotspots, and seeing bed bugs or reddish staining in these areas is a good sign that you shouldn’t stick around. Additionally, wash all the clothing you traveled with after returning home; use hot water and dry on high heat to ensure you kill off any unnoticed hitchhikers. 

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