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Nashville, TN Pest Control

Nashville is the capital city of Tennessee and a very exciting place to call home. We enjoy a pleasant climate all year long and are nationally known as "Music City."

Seeing as Nashville is such a popular place, it makes sense why pest activity is a year-round issue. If you want to protect your Nashville home or business from pest infestations, we highly recommend getting help from your local pest professionals. 

The team at Five-O Pest Control is proud to provide effective and affordable pest solutions to homes and businesses throughout the greater Nashville area. At Five-O Pest Control, most of our services are just $50. Call us today to secure quality Davidson County pest control at unbeatable prices.

Residential Pest Control In Nashville

Most people don't realize there are many things they can do to prevent pests in their homes. By eliminating conducive conditions, entry points, and food sources, you can make your house less attractive to the different pests that live in the area. 

At Five-O Pest Control, we understand that deterring pests is easier said than done. Our residential pest control process includes:

  • Confirming the pest problems you are experiencing and identifying any others.
  • Detailed target treatments to ensure the elimination of pests.
  • Interior treatment focused on nesting areas, harborage, and pest entry.
  • Exterior treatment to prevent pests from re-entering your home.

The best part is, our residential service visits are just $50. Depending on your needs, we offer one-time, monthly, or quarterly services, so call us at Five-O Pest Control to get started.

Commercial Pest Control In Nashville

Keeping your commercial facility pest-free is essential to running a successful business because pests can have some severe effects. With the help of Five-O Pest Control, you can ensure a safe and healthy environment for your customers and employees. 

Our commercial pest control process includes:

  • Confirming the pest issues you have noticed in your business and inspecting for any additional pests.
  • Treating your business with the highest-quality products on the market.
  • The option for ongoing services on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure that your business remains pest-free.

We service many different facilities, such as:

  • Office Buildings 
  • Restaurants 
  • Warehouses
  • Multi-Family Housings 
  • Healthcare
  • Retail

Our commercial pest control services are effective and affordable. For properties up to 1500 square feet, service is just $50. For larger facilities, we will treat your property for 50% less than your current pest control service. Don't wait; call us at Five-O Pest Control to get the assistance you need!

How to Tell If Your Nashville Home Has a Termite Problem

Termites are sneaky pests, often moving into a home without being noticed for an extended time. Over this time, termites can cause extensive, costly, and dangerous damage. To keep this from happening in your home, look for these signs:

  • Swarmers or Dropped Wings: Swarmers are flying termites; they drop their wings once they land in a new nesting location.
  • Mud Tubes: Made from soil, wood, and saliva, subterranean termites use these tunnels to travel from their nest to the food source.
  • Droppings: Look like sawdust or coffee grounds.
  • Damage: Messy and rough looking. 

If you see any of these signs or are worried about termites, don't wait to call us at Five-O Pest Control. We provide a Spot Shot Termite Treatment that is just $50.

Contact Five-O Pest Control for effective and affordable termite treatment.

Here's Why Bed Bugs Are So Hard To Get Out Of Your Nashville Home

When it comes to bed bug infestation, these tiny intruders are difficult to deal with for several reasons. Here's why bed bugs are so hard to get out of your Nashville home:

  • Adult bed bugs aren't the only ones you need to address; eggs are also hidden throughout your space.
  • Bed bugs are nocturnal, and they stay in secret harborage areas, making it hard to detect them and catch them in the act.
  • Many bed bugs have developed a resistance to insecticides, so many common bed bug treatments aren't effective.

Here at Five-O Pest Control, we offer bed bug control services for just $50. Call us today to learn more about our bed bug treatments, and we'll set up your service visit right away.

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