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Beetle Identification & Prevention

What are beetles?

Beetles make up the largest group of insects, a big reason why beetles are such a common pest to find in your Nashville home. Some of the most common species of beetles in your home include:

  • Asian lady beetles
  • Carpet beetles
  • Cigarette beetles
  • Drug Store beetles
  • Ground Merchant beetles
  • Grain sawtooth beetles

Each of the above species has a unique appearance, but all can be easily identified as beetles by their wings. Beetles have two pairs of wings. The first pair is hardened and provides a protective shell for their second pair of more delicate flight wings. When at rest, the first pair of wings meet in the middle of their body and form a distinct line.

Are beetles dangerous?

Beetles are problematic pests that invade in large numbers, contaminate food, can cause damage to structures and personal property, in addition to being difficult to eliminate.

What a beetle eats usually helps to determine how dangerous or damaging they are to have on our properties. Some feed on plants and are considered garden pests, some feed on and contaminate our stored foods, and others will feed on fabrics causing damage to our clothing, upholstery, and other fabric items.

Why do I have a beetle problem?

Beetles live wherever there is enough food to sustain their populations. Therefore if beetles are in or around your home, it is because they have discovered suitable food sources. What a beetle eat depends on their species, but as a group, beetles will eat almost anything. Their varied diet makes it tricky to keep them off our properties and out of our homes. 

In addition to food, some beetles move inside our homes to escape harsh weather. In the fall, when the temperature cools, some beetles, like the Asian lady beetle, will overwinter within the safety and warmth of our home's wall voids.

Where will I find beetles?

Beetles can move into our homes on their own. Generally, as they move across our home's exterior, they will enter through small cracks and gaps they find in the foundation and around utilities, windows, doors, and light fixtures.

Hitchhiking is another common way that beetles will enter our homes. They can move indoors on firewood, potted plants, and dry goods purchased from the store already infested with their eggs or larva. Second, items like upholstered furniture or rugs could also be the root cause of your beetle infestation.

Once in your home, female beetles will make quick work of finding somewhere to lay their eggs. Females lay their eggs on top of a suitable food source for their newly hatched larva to consume.

Some of the most common places to discover beetles in your home include wall voids, pantries, kitchen cabinets, stored foods and linens, and rugs or upholstered furniture.

How do I get rid of beetles?

Beetles are a common household pest. Once beetles find a way into our Nashville homes, eliminating them is challenging without the expertise of a local, highly trained professional. If you want the best solution to your home's pest problems, reach out to us at Five-O Pest Control. We are committed to our customers and provide the most affordable and detailed treatments possible. We will rid your home of beetles and other common household pests and work with you to stop their return.

Contact us today if you are ready to learn about our residential or commercial pest control options and why our customer service is unmatched.

How can I prevent beetles in the future?

Take advantage of the following prevention tips to help prevent beetles from becoming unwanted guests in your Nashville home.

  • Seal potential entry points like gaps around windows and doors, torn screens, and cracks in exterior walls.
  • Seal spaces around wires entering your home and light fixtures.
  • Cut back landscaping, shrubs, and bushes from your home's exterior.
  • Inspect items you are bringing into your home for beetles.
  • Never purchase food with torn or ripped packaging. Vacuum your home frequently to eliminate hiding beetles and remove the debris from your home they are eating.
  • Partner with a local and experienced pest professional.

For more information about beetles in Nashville and how to stop them from taking over your property, reach out to Five-O Pest Control!

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